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nejoho's Favourites

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nejoho's Favourites
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  Description Category Rating Votes Views Comments Submitted by
Inquisitor Rossastderus
Submitted on 6-Nov-03
SF 9.7 4220 44106 154
Submitted on 29-Feb-04
Steampunk 9.6 2071 33281 73
Submitted on 9-Aug-03
Steampunk 9.5 1237 19013 31
Mech Pilot
Submitted on 9-Nov-02
SF 9.5 1352 17704 39
nurgle champion
Submitted on 12-Feb-04
SF 9.5 891 9009 27
deathguard lord
Submitted on 22-Mar-04
SF 9.4 644 8617 35
allan c
Enora,limited edition mini
Submitted on 12-Dec-02
Fantasy 9.3 948 13447 50
Seahorse riders (in shell armor)
Submitted on 2-Sep-03
Fantasy 9.3 756 9245 20
nurgle champion no NMM! Gold at French GD 2004
Submitted on 26-Apr-04
Fantasy 9.2 292 5172 9
=I= Judge
Submitted on 15-Sep-03
SF 9.1 535 7337 18
Nurgle Champion On Horseback
Submitted on 30-May-03
Fantasy 8.9 472 5311 12
Hight Elf Hero
Submitted on 19-Dec-03
Fantasy 8.9 477 5987 22

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