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chrismisterx's Favourites
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  Description Category Rating Votes Views Comments Submitted by
Submitted on 31-Oct-02
Fantasy 9.7 4835 96908 105
Dark Elf
Submitted on 19-Mar-04
Fantasy 9.7 1526 36102 48
Ork Nob
Submitted on 14-Nov-06
Fantasy 9.6 414 16661 35
Submitted on 11-Dec-05
Fantasy 9.6 407 10369 23
Ancient Vasoudaeva - venerable dreadnought details
Submitted on 14-Apr-06
SF 9.6 1107 30594 31
Yellow one
Tzeentch Demon Prince
Submitted on 13-Jul-05
Fantasy 9.6 598 20249 25
nob ork...pas content.
Submitted on 26-Apr-04
SF 9.6 1319 24703 55
allan c
Another Sicarius
Submitted on 17-Nov-06
SF 9.1 182 3451 2
Ogre Bull with Dragonhide Magic Standard
Submitted on 3-Nov-05
Fantasy 8.9 402 4645 2
Ogre Tyrant
Submitted on 12-Oct-06
Fantasy 8.5 146 2251 3
raptaparat 2
Sister of Battle
Submitted on 15-Sep-06
SF 8.3 203 3826 3
Mr F
Hak Demoncutter, Orc Blood Bowl player
Submitted on 31-Oct-06
Fantasy 7.1 106 1720 0

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