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munkeyjoepaints's Favourites
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  Description Category Rating Votes Views Comments Submitted by
Firey Angel
Submitted on 22-Nov-03
SF 9.8 8638 123021 248
Salamander Captain - GD entry, Los Angeles 2003
Submitted on 1-Jun-03
SF 9.2 751 9785 21
Ilyad Games Krahn Warrior 2
Submitted on 9-Mar-04
Fantasy 9.2 308 4240 14
Bretonnian Princess : a tribute to goatman (repost)
Submitted on 27-Oct-03
Fantasy 8.8 421 4025 13
Dara the Sorceress - Mindstalkers Series
Submitted on 29-Feb-04
Fantasy 8.7 274 3143 2
Steel Legion Commissar
Submitted on 1-Sep-03
SF 8.6 420 5729 11
All my sculpts and conversions
Submitted on 20-Oct-02
SF 8.4 837 10713 15
Silas Hand finished green
Submitted on 31-Jan-04
SF 8.4 443 4777 16
El Guardian
Submitted on 6-Sep-02
Misc 8.2 584 4782 3
Cadian Mortar
Submitted on 15-Nov-03
SF 8.0 409 3819 8
Sisters of Battle Seraphim squad
Submitted on 12-Jan-03
SF 7.8 525 7992 6
Kelly Kim
Another mini
Submitted on 1-Nov-02
SF 7.5 558 5757 3
Ragamuffin, the Eternal Vampire Scourge
Submitted on 3-Sep-02
Misc 7.3 585 7407 12
Iron Warrior Warsmith
Submitted on 26-Jul-03
SF 7.2 401 5653 8
The Prophet123
White Scar Veteran Sergeant on Bike
Submitted on 10-Oct-02
SF 6.6 512 6315 1

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