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generulpoleaxe's Favourites
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  Description Category Rating Votes Views Comments Submitted by
Kaïn the Scourge
Submitted on 1-May-06
Fantasy 9.7 576 11016 33
Black Paladin of Acheron
Submitted on 27-Mar-06
Fantasy 9.5 341 6081 25
Warrior Priest of Sigmar
Submitted on 7-Dec-06
Fantasy 9.5 436 5899 30
Queen of the Clones
Submitted on 6-Sep-05
Fantasy 9.4 415 4473 26
Submitted on 1-Dec-05
Fantasy 9.3 296 3463 14
Hybrid Clone
Submitted on 15-Apr-04
Fantasy 9.1 393 5747 11
Submitted on 3-Oct-06
Fantasy 9.0 260 3544 11
Submitted on 2-Dec-07
Historical 8.7 112 1578 6


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