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Bent Brush's Favourites
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  Description Category Rating Votes Views Comments Submitted by
Submitted on 29-Feb-04
Steampunk 9.6 1133 18120 41
Submitted on 9-Aug-03
Steampunk 9.5 1226 17723 31
CMON amazone
Submitted on 24-Aug-03
Fantasy 9.4 1003 10740 30
Miss Amazone, Second Contest Mini
Submitted on 15-Sep-03
Fantasy 9.0 824 10371 29
Mooz from FeuWeu
Shae, Half-Elven Archer
Submitted on 6-May-04
Fantasy 8.8 329 4365 10
Hairy Sticks
Submitted on 2-Jan-05
SF 8.7 363 4737 6
Hairy Sticks
I-Kore VOID archangel by James
Submitted on 6-Jan-05
Fantasy 8.7 189 2263 5
Si ' Rene
Submitted on 6-Jan-05
Fantasy 8.5 204 1929 1
Hairy Sticks
Goth Chick
Submitted on 28-Nov-04
Fantasy 7.4 193 2117 11
FASA's Earthdawn Nethermancer
Submitted on 25-Mar-03
Fantasy 6.8 333 3630 3
Earthdawn Ork
Submitted on 12-Oct-04
Fantasy 5.6 103 1353 1

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