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Queenoftheunifrogs's Favourites
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  Description Category Rating Votes Views Comments Submitted by
Haazheel Thorn
Submitted on 2-Feb-06
Fantasy 9.7 1278 19627 47
Alexi Z
GD UK 08 Gold Duel raptor versus Dark Angel
Submitted on 1-Oct-08
SF 9.7 433 10297 49
"Last trick of Loyso Pandokhva" eldar Waveserpent
Submitted on 28-May-05
SF 9.7 2315 38240 81
Yellow one
Be'Lakor, The Dark Master
Submitted on 4-Oct-04
Fantasy 9.7 2659 35462 67
Alexi Z
Submitted on 26-Feb-07
Fantasy 9.6 639 9959 35
Mexican Palace Guard
Submitted on 4-Oct-08
Historical 9.5 211 2746 14
Dark Knight
Submitted on 26-Apr-08
Fantasy 9.4 317 5010 17
Templar Knight
Submitted on 15-Apr-08
Historical 9.3 289 4788 15
Lord Vampire
Submitted on 13-Apr-08
Fantasy 9.2 180 2963 7
Chevalier de Sinople
Submitted on 23-Apr-08
Fantasy 9.2 181 4138 19
Cersei Lannister
Submitted on 29-Feb-08
Fantasy 9.1 270 3513 2
Submitted on 10-Aug-08
Fantasy 9.0 137 1603 5
Ilyad Games Werewolf on sculpted base
Submitted on 19-Jul-06
Fantasy 8.7 146 2758 5
The Netherlord
Submitted on 30-Dec-04
Fantasy 8.0 172 1512 4
Jefe Caballero Negro
Submitted on 10-Aug-08
Fantasy 8.0 84 943 1

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