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darkartminiatures's Favourites
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Submitted on 15-Apr-05
SF 9.8 2876 35671 107
Yellow One
Kettarian hunter eldar Revenant titan
Submitted on 4-Oct-05
SF 9.8 3958 89070 203
Yellow one
High Elf Hero
Submitted on 29-Nov-06
Fantasy 9.7 701 14038 39
Alexi Z
Mortarion - Primarch of Death Guard
Submitted on 23-Nov-06
SF 9.6 391 7383 14
Submitted on 18-Sep-06
Fantasy 9.4 250 2904 11
Works of Heart - Limited Wood Elf Standard
Submitted on 5-Oct-05
Fantasy 9.3 367 7012 18
"U cant catch me !!!"
Submitted on 9-Feb-07
Historical 9.2 309 4186 20
Dana JeanPaul
Submitted on 6-Jun-05
Fantasy 8.2 174 2250 6
Shawn R. L.

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