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Sandyman's Favourites

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Sandyman's Favourites
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  Description Category Rating Votes Views Comments Submitted by
Arushnee, sculpt and paint.
Submitted on 14-Jan-14
Fantasy 9.6 1064 28258 27
Dwarf Giant Slayer with dead Orcs and Goblins Evil Sunz Giant. Silver in Golden Demon UK OC 2013.
Submitted on 7-Nov-13
Fantasy 9.6 676 16756 24
Witcher 3 Collectors Edition Figure
Submitted on 6-Jun-14
Fantasy 9.5 97 4406 4
Submitted on 7-Jun-14
Fantasy 9.5 104 2412 5
Imperial Fists Captain in Terminator armour
Submitted on 3-Jun-14
SF 9.0 148 3892 7
Horus, Warmaster
Submitted on 14-Jun-14
SF 8.3 40 821 0
Submitted on 4-Jun-14
Fantasy 8.2 39 563 1

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