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McDeath's Favourites
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  Description Category Rating Votes Views Comments Submitted by
Ramos, Steampunk Sorcerer
Submitted on 24-Jan-06
Steampunk 9.7 1944 53970 52
Lady Ayana
Submitted on 6-Mar-12
Fantasy 9.6 3697 85141 80
High Elf Dragon Princes
Submitted on 28-Jun-04
Fantasy 9.6 1861 32656 43
Alexi Z
Champion de l' empereur
Submitted on 13-Jul-05
SF 9.5 477 9352 29
Caradryan, Capatin of the phoenix guard
Submitted on 19-Nov-07
Fantasy 9.5 613 11099 38
The Treelord (Dark Treelord)
Submitted on 15-Aug-05
Fantasy 9.4 282 4588 14
Thorvin, the great
Submitted on 20-Feb-11
Fantasy 9.3 157 3044 10
Miguel Matias
Pixie Trickster.
Submitted on 16-Sep-12
Fantasy 9.1 146 4224 4
Miguel Matias

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