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Naukhel's Favourites
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  Description Category Rating Votes Views Comments Submitted by
Reaper Dark Maiden
Submitted on 13-Jan-05
Fantasy 9.5 842 11763 39
Pegaso Fire CCV entry
Submitted on 26-Mar-05
Fantasy 9.4 276 5589 11
CMON amazone
Submitted on 24-Aug-03
Fantasy 9.4 1014 12322 30
Beast of Stirland - Gold WH Monster GD Atlanta 2005
Submitted on 26-Mar-05
Fantasy 9.3 194 2760 4
Allegiance ... A Sophet Drahas Vignette
Submitted on 25-Sep-02
Fantasy 9.0 887 13493 20
Old Witch and Scrapjack
Submitted on 20-Aug-07
Fantasy 9.0 240 4681 10
Caerwyn, Elven Hero
Submitted on 28-Jun-04
Fantasy 8.6 264 3454 5
Silene Relief (collage) from Volks Orient Hero Series
Submitted on 29-May-05
SF 8.2 140 2655 6
Shelly CCV entry
Submitted on 25-Mar-05
Fantasy 8.1 173 2106 15
Submitted on 10-Nov-05
Terrain 7.2 162 2387 4
Agramon the Pit Fiend
Submitted on 26-May-05
Fantasy 7.2 141 2598 7
Submitted on 3-Sep-05
Fantasy 7.1 118 2055 1

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