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Papoose's Favourites

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Papoose's Favourites
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  Description Category Rating Votes Views Comments Submitted by
Firey Angel
Submitted on 22-Nov-03
SF 9.8 8726 152046 250
Ancient Vasoudaeva more closeups
Submitted on 14-Apr-06
SF 9.7 773 18221 35
Yellow one
Sir Broderick
Submitted on 16-Sep-04
Fantasy 9.6 610 7805 14
Paint Aid - Ogre Tyrant for Tsunami Relief
Submitted on 28-Feb-05
Fantasy 9.5 667 12075 28
Cryx Seether Helljack
Submitted on 27-Aug-04
Steampunk 9.5 691 10325 13
OGRE KINGDOMS Ogre Tyrant on Rhinox - converted
Submitted on 13-Mar-05
Fantasy 9.2 307 4507 5
PAINT AID Ogre Standard
Submitted on 6-Mar-05
Fantasy 8.8 180 2055 4
3 Buffles
Submitted on 29-Aug-05
Fantasy 8.6 135 1407 2
Testament of Menoth
Submitted on 27-Jan-06
SF 8.3 287 3770 4
Bull Ogre Bellower
Submitted on 28-Mar-05
Fantasy 8.2 151 1760 5
Ogre Butcher conversion
Submitted on 8-Apr-05
Fantasy 7.9 187 3050 0
Dark Art
Submitted on 6-Mar-05
Fantasy 7.3 137 1812 2
Ogre Butcher conversion
Submitted on 15-Apr-05
Fantasy 7.0 90 1326 1
Dark Art

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