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mikeycantoon's Favourites
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  Description Category Rating Votes Views Comments Submitted by
Space Wolves Relic Dreadnought
Submitted on 20-Feb-12
SF 9.8 2413 116320 74
nemesis dreadknight
Submitted on 4-Jul-11
SF 9.7 755 57579 36
Skyrar's Dark Wolves Chaos Lord on Chaos Wolf
Submitted on 4-Apr-12
SF 9.6 943 77904 42
Starcraft Marine
Submitted on 1-Sep-11
SF 9.6 444 22987 18
chaos terminator lord, gold spanish GD
Submitted on 10-Jul-11
SF 9.5 356 41339 9
Necron Canoptek Spyder
Submitted on 8-May-12
SF 8.9 298 16905 5
Nemesor Zahndrekh
Submitted on 10-May-12
SF 8.3 110 6797 2
Sarmatia Painting Studio
Space Marine Land Raider Redeemer 2
Submitted on 9-May-12
SF 8.3 89 3499 0
Roman 2.0
Iron Clad Dreadnought
Submitted on 9-May-12
SF 8.2 59 4173 2
Venerable Dread with Twin Linked Lascannon and Missile Launcher
Submitted on 8-May-12

ebay item #: 180878090246
Current price: $0.00
First bid: $0.00
# of bids: 0
End date: 31-Dec-69
SF 6.0 52 1413 0
Venerable Dread with Assault Cannon, CCW, Heavy Flamer
Submitted on 8-May-12

ebay item #: 180878090246
Current price: $0.00
First bid: $0.00
# of bids: 0
End date: 31-Dec-69
SF 5.8 55 1064 0

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