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tetlis's Favourites
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  Description Category Rating Votes Views Comments Submitted by
Firey Angel
Submitted on 22-Nov-03
SF 9.8 8593 115125 248
Grey Knights Dreadnought, Gold at UK GD 2004
Submitted on 27-Oct-04
SF 9.8 3997 62629 65
Submitted on 31-Oct-02
Fantasy 9.7 4706 76777 103
Submitted on 29-Feb-04
Steampunk 9.6 1127 17723 41
Submitted on 9-Aug-03
Steampunk 9.5 1221 17452 31
space marine
Submitted on 1-Jul-04
SF 9.5 1012 16442 48
Capitaine Ardias
Submitted on 10-Aug-04
SF 9.3 553 5165 17
Cadian Commissar
Submitted on 15-Sep-03
SF 9.2 569 8049 20
gretch tank! silver at French GD 2004
Submitted on 26-Apr-04
SF 9.1 403 4448 12
Feral Ork
Submitted on 19-Nov-03
SF 8.9 739 8978 38
ultramarine survivor
Submitted on 17-Sep-03
SF 8.9 647 6646 21
les mid nors de jeremie
Submitted on 5-Feb-04
Fantasy 8.8 385 3147 5
armees de gehenne
Dirz Temple for Confrontation
Submitted on 31-Jan-04
Terrain 8.6 458 5269 7

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