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ansquer's Favourites
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  Description Category Rating Votes Views Comments Submitted by
Grey Knights Dreadnought, Gold at UK GD 2004
Submitted on 27-Oct-04
SF 9.6 2736 35785 56
Pegaso Fire CCV entry
Submitted on 26-Mar-05
Fantasy 9.6 496 11035 16
Lava Dragon
Submitted on 9-May-03
Fantasy 9.5 899 11322 30
Hot Lead
LOTR Witch King on Fell Beast
Submitted on 23-Jul-05
Fantasy 9.5 439 7735 25
Valdenar, Baron du Doriman
Submitted on 31-Dec-04
Fantasy 9.4 464 6720 11
Marissa Von Sonhan
Submitted on 27-Jun-04
Fantasy 9.4 627 12652 65
Queen of the Clones
Submitted on 6-Sep-05
Fantasy 9.4 417 4636 26
Master of Carnage
Submitted on 21-Aug-05
Fantasy 9.2 233 3268 13
Sappire Drake (repost)
Submitted on 23-Jan-05
SF 9.1 336 3867 13
Chasseurs d’azur cynwälls
Submitted on 2-Jan-05
Fantasy 9.0 289 3159 4
Flying Ringwraith
Submitted on 4-Aug-05
Fantasy 9.0 394 4370 2
Holger Schmidt
Celtic vampire
Submitted on 9-Sep-02
Fantasy 8.8 554 4812 9
Roth Mac Lyr
Submitted on 25-Jan-05
Fantasy 8.6 163 1572 7
Ogre Kingdoms Scraplauncher - converted
Submitted on 24-Apr-05
Fantasy 8.1 136 1887 1
Citadel Guard
Submitted on 23-Apr-05
Fantasy 7.3 121 1373 3

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