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Stavros Zouliatis's Favourites
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  Description Category Rating Votes Views Comments Submitted by
Danse Macabre
Submitted on 25-Mar-15
Fantasy 9.8 622 51154 26
Lost in the Dark (Olfo Fastfeet)
Submitted on 29-Jul-14
Fantasy 9.8 759 47017 46
Demonic Temple close-ups
Submitted on 25-Mar-15
Fantasy 9.7 309 28343 11
Black Sailors - Guruk, The First Mate
Submitted on 3-Apr-15
Fantasy 9.6 127 6754 9
Miguel Matias
Knight of the Holy Sepulchre
Submitted on 23-Mar-15
Historical 9.5 158 9639 20
The Beginning
Submitted on 23-Mar-15
Fantasy 9.5 207 5187 4
Undead King
Submitted on 3-Apr-14
Fantasy 9.5 327 6761 45
The Old Mill
Submitted on 30-Mar-15
Terrain 9.4 183 7352 10
Submitted on 18-May-15
Historical 9.3 190 3862 31
Carlos 1/10 scale Bust
Submitted on 25-Mar-15
Historical 9.2 50 1238 3
Dwarf - master of dragons
Submitted on 3-Dec-15
Fantasy 9.2 120 2855 3
Skaven Grey Seer
Submitted on 3-Apr-15
Fantasy 9.0 158 4079 21
Gladiator with Scissor
Submitted on 3-Apr-15
Historical 8.9 131 3235 17

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