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droghaden's Favourites
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  Description Category Rating Votes Views Comments Submitted by
Grandinquisitor Laris
Submitted on 7-Apr-04
SF 9.5 606 7859 22
Horus (inquisitor scale other views)
Submitted on 13-Mar-04
SF 9.0 529 5909 13
Emperor (inquisitor scale)
Submitted on 11-Jan-04
SF 9.0 488 5622 12
Black Templar last stand
Submitted on 28-May-02
SF 8.7 1064 12279 21
Grey Knight Dreadnought
Submitted on 19-Sep-03
SF 8.5 402 5329 8
Grey Knight Brother Captain
Submitted on 17-Nov-03
SF 8.3 397 4275 3
farseer on jetbike - front
Submitted on 23-Aug-02
SF 8.1 740 8698 3
kroot Master Shaper
Submitted on 8-Jan-03
SF 7.9 585 8080 3

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