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Zilo's Favourites
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  Description Category Rating Votes Views Comments Submitted by
Montagnard Orque du Behemot (closer views)
Submitted on 6-Aug-12
Fantasy 9.6 252 7770 19
Chaos Space Marine Chosen from DV.
Submitted on 11-Dec-12
SF 9.4 275 13206 9
Space Marines Samurai
Submitted on 1-Aug-13
SF 9.4 401 27011 29
Dark Angel Sergeant
Submitted on 3-Dec-12
SF 9.2 227 7594 21
Ghorgon, Beastmen
Submitted on 17-Dec-10
Fantasy 9.1 148 4052 6
Kahinir le Sauvage
Submitted on 25-Jun-12
Fantasy 9.1 182 5716 6
OSL Space Hulk Diorama - Brother Xephectel's Last Stand
Submitted on 23-Feb-11
SF 8.9 150 4727 14
Solun Decius
SPACE WOLVES Canis Wolfborn
Submitted on 14-Dec-12
SF 8.7 130 3234 2

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