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Maoh's Favourites
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  Description Category Rating Votes Views Comments Submitted by
2004 Canadian Slayer Sword Winner - Magmatrax, Champion of Khorne
Submitted on 17-Aug-04
SF 9.8 5652 103533 162
Kettarian hunter eldar Revenant titan
Submitted on 4-Oct-05
SF 9.8 3894 83961 202
Yellow one
Ulrik on Terminator Armour (Gold GD France 2007)
Submitted on 15-May-07
SF 9.8 3683 64578 153
Submitted on 31-Jan-11
SF 9.8 3481 95250 113
Ork Warboss Roadrippa (and Da Speed Squig), NAGD Chicago 2011 Slayer Sword
Submitted on 5-Aug-11
SF 9.7 435 17791 33
Soul Warden
Submitted on 20-Jan-05
SF 9.6 1203 16460 34
Alexi Z
Ice Witch Banner bearer - GD Toronto 09 Gold Regiment
Submitted on 22-Jun-09
Fantasy 8.6 116 2776 3


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