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SkelettetS's Favourites
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  Description Category Rating Votes Views Comments Submitted by
Submitted on 31-Jan-11
SF 9.8 3481 95202 113
Submitted on 31-Oct-02
Fantasy 9.7 4706 76770 103
Rasputina Alternative (inspired by HR Giger's works)
Submitted on 31-Dec-12
Steampunk 9.7 520 17149 33
Submitted on 23-Sep-09
Steampunk 9.6 250 3516 29
The Small
Bishop warrior
Submitted on 9-Jan-12
Historical 9.6 277 10116 16
Beast of Tzeentch -Green-
Submitted on 5-Nov-13
Fantasy 9.6 358 8853 20
Raffaele Stumpo
tambor 77rgt
Submitted on 28-Apr-10
Historical 9.4 221 2539 8
King of Deads
Submitted on 22-Dec-09
Fantasy 9.4 167 3001 15
allan c
La Hire, Gerbevoy 1435
Submitted on 27-Jun-12

ebay item #: 181199583870
Current price: $0.00
First bid: $0.00
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End date: 29-Aug-13
Historical 9.2 345 5097 10
Bloat Lord
Submitted on 15-Jan-11
Fantasy 8.3 61 795 5


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