Conversation Between Chern Ann and LorsMarhsalLeonitus

Conversation Between Chern Ann and LorsMarhsalLeonitus

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  1. hey, you createtd 2004 this post "'ve implemented a new feature that will allow users to change their Account ID/User Name via a link in Your Account.

    All your old personal messages, comments, images, voting history, subscription status and all other settings etc are preserved.

    In order to prevent abuse of this process, there will be a small fee charged for this privilege, namely 1 credit for Supporters and 2 credits for everyone else.

    So if you'd like a new identity, this is the better way to do it then to create a new account, especially if you've got lots of images up already or have a lengthy voting history which you want to keep (sorry gmurie/ringsnake, you JUST missed the boat :P)." --- so where can i find the link to change my name?
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