Conversation Between Wiltrichs and rikard

Conversation Between Wiltrichs and rikard

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  1. I'm still pottering along as always, trying a few new things including a complete red terror resculpt. I'm even doing a bit more work on Kroak this evening. I'm glad you like the head so far, I'm sculpting a big dino for him to ride on before I can do his body though.

    Keep me updated though, you definitely have some skill (and not to mention balls) with sculpting so it will be very interesting to see what you get up to.

    I checked out the comic, I remember that guy from deviantart. Liking the style of the mag loads.
  2. Hey Rich, nah sadly the Space Wolf pic is not my work, although I wish it was . I just thought it was pretty cool and stuck it on my wall, if you follow the link underneath it will take you to the comic. The guy who draws it is an awesome comic book artist, he's doing it as a bit of fun in his spare time I think.

    Haven't done much sculpting recently, work has been keeping me really busy over the last few months. Hoping to get some time to sculpt (mess up a perfectly good armature) this weekend if all goes to plan. How is your sculpting going? I still subscribe to your sculpting album and get the updates, that lizardmen head you put up last month looks awesome mate!
  3. Hey Will, where you in charge of the space wolf pic?

    If so, awesome job mate, how's the sculpting going?
  4. Hey,

    Liquid chalk has nothing to do with sculpting, I've been using it for weight lifting and climbing, it would utterly ruin green stuff if you put some on your hands before sculpting.

    Not much else going on at the moment, finally finished my sister of battle sculpt.

    Hope all is going well with you.
  5. Hey Rich,

    How's it going? Love that new lizardmen stuff photobucket (I subscribe to the RSS feed ). Been meaning to ask what do you use the liquid chalk for? Do you use it to stop GS sticking to your sculpting tools and fingers? Is it any good?

  6. Hey Rich,

    Yeah good to find you on here, I'll send you that link the the sculpting blog when I've got around to setting it up

    All the best!

  7. Hey man, good to see you again and to see your pieces in more detail.

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