Conversation Between matty1001 and supervike

Conversation Between matty1001 and supervike

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  1. Just got a nice Tanglewood second hand for a really good price. Been playing just over a year now and have never owned one...just begged and borrowed haha!
  2. I've taken up the guitar as well. It was something I did waaay back when I was just a teenager. Never amounted to much more than some loud and off key riffs. But, now I've been determined to try and learn to play properly. Been at it for about 5 months now, slowly but surely. What type of guitar do you have?
  3. Alright! I'm not bad, don't do much painting anymore...infact I haven't painted since early 2009, but I still browse the forums in the hope i'll get a burst of inspiration one day haha Been playing ALOT of guitar though and gearing up to go travelling again in the new year. How you been?

    Peace and love...
  4. Hiya! How you been?
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