Conversation Between airhead and supervike

Conversation Between airhead and supervike

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  1. Vikey, sorry, I just noticed I had one notification.
    Been a busy year so far. Started a new project. Business sucks right now, so I took the only project I could find. 100 mile commute each way.
    That and Peggy decided we needed to redo the master bedroom.
    You got Facebook?
    Find me at Kevin Bressman
  2. Heya Kevin! Long time no talky. Hope you're doing well. We're still freezing up here, and wondering why I live in the artic circle (otherwise known as the midwest).
  3. Sounds like you are about there. Not in the top 10 yet, but definately welcome in the lounge.
  4. Hey, how old does one need to be to be a coffin dodger....I just turned 42... Surely that qualifies me!
  5. Stay warm.
    Yea, it seems that it is the season for offspring to test their limits.
  6. Doing pretty well Kevin! It's a challenge to raise teenage daughters....but you wouldn't know anything about that, would you? LOL. I've just been pre-occupied on other stuff lately, and we are dealing with blizzard after blizzard up here!
  7. Vikey, you ok? Haven't seen you post in a bit....
  8. Oh...look at that cute little love muffin! The toddlers cute too!
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