Conversation Between cucaiothegreat and Dimas

Conversation Between cucaiothegreat and Dimas

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  1. Hi Dimas, nice to hear from you again. Trust all is well with you.
    I have done several works in my house, including a major bathroom and kitchen restoration (I had to go back to live with my parents for more than a month while the workers where in my house), so my paints are still stored away - no painting for me from last march
    I hope to arrange a proper painting table somewhere in the next weeks...
    I'm just arranging a new storage space for all my miniatures, catalogues and painting stuff. I'm planning to post some pics when it will be ready.
    It will definitely be a great improvement if compared to my old painting space, I hope it will be finally ready in the next weeks, because it will be placed in a room still full of old stuff and furniture that needs to be moved away before I can arrange a proper painting station.
  2. Hey, Gianmatteo!
    Did You paint my items? It would be interesting to see)
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