Conversation Between Chaotic Creations and BloodASmedium

Conversation Between Chaotic Creations and BloodASmedium

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  1. Chaotic creations !!! My friend sooo sorry getting back to you now. My problem is I always thought anytime someone needed me they’de PM me. I just hit a button and realized their were 4 visitor messages from only god knows when. Now I’m aware of this feature and will answer your question (and I never mind giving tips at all)ok so that powder blue is made up of 3 reaper colors that are layered on- 1, Templar blue2, marine teal,3 surf aqua. How you layer them well that comes from you practicing the recipe over and over but even if it’s your first time the colors will do their work.after all highlights are done by layering the 4 then simply mix a dark purple into the Templar blue( btw you should always mix your colors wether highlights or shades with the previous colors so it gives a subtle gradient) small increments so to speak. After all this pick out the edges with an off white by edge highlighting.
  2. Hi BAM, just a quick question if you don’t mind me asking? I’m wondering what colour blue it is you have used on your blood bowl figures? And do you use it as a base colour and go from there or have glazed it up on a lighter base?
    I really like this colour and the way you get it to really stand out... I see in your gallery you seem to use this colour a bit, well similar hues to it anyways, and it always looks fantastic... I’ve got a couple of future projects where this colour would work quite well...
    hope you don’t mind me asking you to share your secrets !!!
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