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August 15, 1988 (32)
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I love embarrassing friend and foe alike in any sort of competitive Gaming. It started with Computer games then took off across the Universe. Warhammer 40k has been a cruel mistress since, while Fantasy is my backdoor beauty. I've been in love with miniatures since I was old enough to suck on some lead. My uncle's loved D and D and I still have the original game books and lead mini's. Games Workshop has been part of my life for 17 years and I've never been bored. It was like divine intervention walking into Bookery Fantasy at ten years old and seeing my first game, even if it was Eldar beating Orks... I kid, I kid. The gears have been turning since that day and the train is building momentum. I read like a madman, I mean constantly. I also love everything art. It's been a passion since preschool and I've never known exactly what to do with it. But now I'm getting some idea's. Since that is the case I am attracted to the fluff and hobby side of things. It's a never-ending plethora of information and I'm sucking The Black Library dry. I have gained more inspiration from this site than all other War games and painting sites combined. For that I thank you all
Troy, Ohio, US of Gay
War games, Reading, Glassblowing, Making Jewelry, Cooking new things, and making babies.... wait
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