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    What Your Top 5 POWER HOUSE Team?

    heres mine...

    Captain Dracula (bonedevils captain) CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT! like a bat flying over the battlefield thirsty for blood// ready to strike whenever, wherever! =Element wind.

  2. Peace! after studying the game i have noticed...

    Peace! after studying the game i have noticed this too, lets build upon this topic for a sec..

    the chineze = 3 objectives/ filled with deckhands/ 12HP
    other teams = 2 objectives/ completely...
  3. Why does this game always gives me nightmares like freddy?

    ... is it because this game is cursed with some type of black magic?

    ...or is the game just too intense?

    I mean one match might take like 2-3 hours sometimes = so the brain is filled with sun...
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