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    Animation Project

    Not sure if this is a good place to put this, but till told otherwise ill put it here. I am making the models in Qubicle (using Qubicle for another project so i figured why not use it for this as...
  2. Looking to buy/Looking to trade for Arcadia Quest Guildmaster

    My main focus is on The original Kickstarter guildmaster pledge to attempt to complete my collection after backing the inferno kickstarter (sad i missed the original), looking for Tomrick, Pigsy,...
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    While i prefer to see her as Abby from NCIS, they...

    While i prefer to see her as Abby from NCIS, they have a similar style with the choker, fishnets and skirt, though the top is different and hair styles different as well as color, it certainly is...
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    kaosball leauge series

    Me and my wife are working on starting a Series on youtube that is essentially a league season that covers 15 weeks, a playoffs, semi finals, and a championship match between 16 of the kaosball...
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