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  1. W: SDCC Ninja to get TMNT/Zomicide Crossover packs H:$

    Hey guys,

    Like the title states looking for someone to help me snag two TMNT/Zomicide exclusive packs at San Diego Comic con. If anyone is interested please drop me a Pm and we could work out...
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    W: Studio McVey Hathya H: $

    Good afternoon,

    I'm looking for the Studio McVey Hathya model if anyone has one they are interested in parting with. Please feel free to shoot me a PM as I need one for a possible project!
  3. H: Wrath of Kings Cmon Expo 2016 Promo cards W: $10+Shipping

    Just like the title says guys, have this pack but don't play the game. PM if interested.
  4. H: Mythic Battles Expansions, Cthulhu Wars minis W: Blood Rage, Conan, MD, D&D


    Mythic Battles Infernal Judges
    Mythic Battles Corinthia

    Big, detailed miniatures that would be great for a multitude of mythos games. Would sell as a set if interested $80
  5. H: Warmachine/Hordes, CMON promos, Misc W: $$

    Hey guys just moved and have a lot of stuff I would rather sell than find new homes for. Please take a look and if anything strikes your fancy and you would like additional information or pictures...
  6. No, I only have what is listed sorry.

    No, I only have what is listed sorry.
  7. H: Rare Elektra & other Knight models Marvel minis W: $

    Sold a bunch of my minis and only have a few left. Only looking for Paypal at this time. All are unpainted in their blisters. Shipping is not included


    X-men $45
    Dark Avengers $70
  8. W: Knight Models Marvel 35mm figures H: $

    Looking for the following models from Knight models 32mm Marvel range:

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    Gesso priming?

    So it's got to cold to use spray primer but im itching to paint some models and have heard good things about the brush on primer gesso. However aparently gesso is not a brand so im wondering if he...
  10. New "Original" Citadel Paint color equivalents

    So with the fairly recent new paint names which are a pain in the ass if you ask me came some new colors that I can't seem to find equivalents of easily. Yes I could just buy the Citadel brand but...
  11. I don't know why that didn't register on first...

    I don't know why that didn't register on first read sorry man, stupid thing to say. I think I'll pass on the mentioned drill set and pursue .04mm and smaller. If that all fails I suppose I could put...
  12. Thanks fellas for the suggestions but I guess I...

    Thanks fellas for the suggestions but I guess I should clarify. I do have a set from Galeforce 9 that have worked fine for pinning my Warmachine/Hordes models but I need some real small ones, like...
  13. Where to find tiny drill bits for pinning?

    Hey guys,

    I'm considering a fairly ambitious rebasing project and several of the miniatures have very small contact points. I'm hoping to add scenic bases while keeping them as structurally sound...
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    I saw this on BGG and am pleased to see it over...

    I saw this on BGG and am pleased to see it over here as well! Looks great man, my only problem is that I don't have one for my set!
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