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    Nuns with Guns come to Purgatory

    Hey Guys,

    We are following up the successful first Kickstarter Purgatory with "The Next Testament" where the Refugees of Religion are coming to join the party. You can find out all of the details...
  2. Thanks Max for the comments, much appreciated and...

    Thanks Max for the comments, much appreciated and thank you for the kind words on the art. What about these two, do you like these?

    If you like the art, head to the page here...
  3. Purgatory the game between Angels, Humans and Devils

    The Purgatory website has been overhauled and it's much easier now to get involved with the game.

    The rules and background book has recently been completed and you can now grab your copy along...
  4. Purgatory receives the latest wave of models, ready for a paint station near you!

    It's been a good day over at Purgatory as we prepare to receive 4 new models for the Purgatory Range! If you missed it, you can read all about it here by clicking this link:...
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    Purgatory funds with 12 hours!

    Hello everyone,

    Purgatory by Underestimated Games launched on Friday of last week and has already funded and is now heading towards its fourth stretch goal! yes

    We are packing the value in...
  6. Purgatory - Tabletop miniature skirmish game

    Hey Guys!

    We are starting to look forward into the stretch goals now as the project (which you can find here: has reached the funding...
  7. OSL Challenge Painting Competition by Purgatory

    Painting Competition time again over at Purgatory. ( it's simple.

    Grab a copy of Keysha, just up for pre order this evening. One category and it's a...
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    Purgatory bring out 2nd Model...

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for looking.

    Purgatory has now released on pre order their second model. St Peter. If you like what you see or what to know more head to...
  9. Hi, Just a little update to show the first...


    Just a little update to show the first cast :)


    Head on over to or

  10. St Peter - Sculpted by Lux Thantor for Purgatory Miniatures

    Hi everyone,

    I thought I would share pictures of the latest model from Purgatory. St Peter will be made from resin and stands at 36mm to the head. The final WIP pictures are below and the model...
  11. Purgatory Miniatures - WIP Model 2 - St Peter... in a suit... huh?

    Hi All,

    Thought I would post a quick update. I hope you are all well.

    Over at Purgatory we recently released our first model. Death. If you fancy painting something unique, sinister and...
  12. Just a quick reminder of our painting comp. Head...

    Just a quick reminder of our painting comp. Head on over to have a look.
  13. Fancy a painting challenge, want to win a cool prize?

    Hopefully the title got your attention!

    Purgatory have released their first model. She's super creepy and a lot of fun! Head over to: for more details...
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    Purgatory Miniatures

    Hi Guys,

    A bit speculative but hopefully this is the right place. As a gamer and a painter I have turned my hand to launching a range of unique miniatures for people to paint and enjoy that will...
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    Hi All! I am pleased to say that our model is...

    Hi All!

    I am pleased to say that our model is now for sale. I have attached some pictures for you to see the model and the product. If you are interested in purchasing this model or following our...
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    Purgatory Miniatures

    Hi all!

    I thought as a painter on here I'd introduce my miniatures range that I am bringing out at the moment. The first model has just landed and it looks great. Purgatory Miniatures is about a...
  17. Thread: Purgatory

    by Burtnernie


    Hi all,

    Just a quick awareness note. A friend and I are bringing a range of models to market in the coming weeks. Our first model Eve (Death) will be out 1st week of August.

    Please take a look...
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    Quick thank you to all those that liked the page....

    Quick thank you to all those that liked the page. If we can get to the 200 mark we will be releasing the first piece of concept art.
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    Mythos by Paranoid Mininiatures


    Something that will be developing over the coming weeks and months is "Mythos" by Paranoid Miniatures. Mythos is a Cthulu theme game and you can follow us on facebook at our page:...
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