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    Not offensive at all, just kind of sounded...

    Not offensive at all, just kind of sounded discouraging to me, it was just lost in the translation. I really appreciate the help.
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    Thank you for the response. A couple of...

    Thank you for the response.

    A couple of things. The ones I have are not mirror smooth, close, some surfaces are mirror like, but not all surfaces. I also disagree that you need totally mirror...
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    Durometer of the color/clay shapers

    Does anyone know (or can test) the durometer of the color/clay shapers?

    Since the last two sets I've ordered (only ones really) both came in such poorly constructed fashion that I can't use them I...
  4. Wanted: Spaceships, RAVAGE HS #7, 11 Have: Old GW, various

    Hi, I'm looking for RAVAGE Hors-Serie No 7 and No 11. I would ask about electronic copies, but I would rather have the physical book infront of me for these if at all possible. I'm looking for...
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