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  1. Thanks for the reply Aaron, your feedback makes...

    Thanks for the reply Aaron, your feedback makes sense.

    What say you CMON Mr. Black. Anything else to add?
  2. Misc Questions from a few weeks of gameplay.

    So my buddy and I have been playing once a week and have been making some judgement calls on rules as we play. Could you provide clarification? Thank you in advance for your help.

    1. Expansion...
  3. Replies

    Rum and Bones Expansions

    So I plan on picking up the original Rum and Bones in the next week or so. I know there are some expansions that I see on Amazon - but I am confused.

    1. I see wildly varying priced for "Rum &...
  4. Hands down the fastest response to a gaming...

    Hands down the fastest response to a gaming question - ever. By a senior developer none-the-less. Thank you very much for the quick response.

    Had the game over the weekend on loan from my game...
  5. Moving "Into" a Zone, Rigging, and other odd Questions

    1. Moving into an enemy zone
    When playing we were unsure of the interpretation of moving "into a enemy zone". With deckhands and bosuns, this is obvious - if an enemy is in the zone in front of you...
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