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  1. Selling some of my Confrontation figures...

    Hey all, I was an avid collector of Rackham miniatures back in their heyday and was even a Rackham Sentinel for a couple of years. My family and i have recently found ourselves a bit tight in the...
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    I wouldn't mind seeing this on Kickstarter...

    I wouldn't mind seeing this on Kickstarter actually. If you look at Soda-Pop's Relic Knights KS project, its got pledges for the hardcover rulebook and a faction starter or two. I think CMON is...
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    Exactly the opposite for me, I have most models...

    Exactly the opposite for me, I have most models from 5 factions, and several from several more. I refused to jump on the carbon-copy-of-AT-43-rules-pre-painted-plastic-confrontation-train and still...
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