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    Simutex Releases T-pins


    T-pins are steel "T" shaped pins. They are used to temporarily pin cork, foam or other groundwork to terrain models and dioramas.

    The T-shaped head offers more surface than...
  2. Simutec Releases Ivory Black Scatter

    This fantasy scatter color was a real challenge. We wanted to create a black with a blue masstone. After all, most things we could think of as black in nature have blue highlights. Even Superman's...
  3. Simutec Releases Scatter for Fantasy Modelers and Gamers

    Simutec's scatter adds a new dynamic range to a staple of modeling. Now fantasy modelers and gamers can create the ground cover their worlds demand. They are no longer limited to brown dirt and...
  4. Mandatory First Post - No content

    Hi everyone.
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