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  1. [KS] Alternatives Females heads STL 28mm !!

    Hello Everyone !

    I made a kickstarter of Alternatives females heads for our wargames and tabletop!
    It's going strong, join us and don't hesitate to suggest ideas if you want to! :)
  2. [KICKSTARTER]Keta-minies 28mm Scatter Terrain Printable STL pack

    Hey everyone !
    I'm proud to present you my first kickstarter ! : )
  3. [keta-minies] 28mm Fantasy Mimickery and stuffable Crates

    Hey !

    I'm happy to show you my latest "thing" but first and foremost, i'm do not like advertising and i have no clue about doing it propperly so sorry :)

    So my first kits were openable...
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    Ahh Thanks for the clarification, i've added the...

    Ahh Thanks for the clarification, i've added the link into the original post !:)

    Well I think for the moment it dosen't need another post, but maybe i'll create a topic wich I shall bump once I...
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    Hai guize !

    Hello everyone!

    I'm a long time lurker, but today i've suscribed ! :)

    I've always been a miniature nerd, but lately with 3dprinting really booming i've taken the leap, why not me?
    I'm aiming...
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