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  1. Where can I download Hero, Loot and Treasure cards for SDE? Mine were destroyed.

    A lot of my boardgames were recently destroyed when my basement flooded. Does anyone know where I can get new Hero, Monster, Loot and Treasure cards or a download for the second edition SDE core set...
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    Late Backer question...


    I was a late backer, and my $100 has already been deducted from my Paypal account. When I go to use the pledge manager, it says I only have $1 pledged. When will this be fixed so I can...
  3. Metal Confrontation figs, cards and rulebooks and Hordes Trollbloods figs

    Last of my Wolfen and Trools here:

    Thanks for looking.
  4. Last of my original metal Trollbloods for auction

    The last of my original metal Traollbloods and Minions are here:

    Thanks for looking.
  5. Last of my metal confrontation figs, cards, and rulebooks

    I have the last of my original metal figs here:

    Thanks for looking.
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