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  1. I'm looking for the artist 'CG' who painted some FreeBooter miniatures in 2016 & 17

    I posted this elsewhere, I on a separate forum, so hope it is OK. I actually was a member of one quite regularly in the past, but that seems to have fallen into disrepair, which is a shame. Anyway, I...
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    No one? I'm no great painter, but any painted...

    No one? I'm no great painter, but any painted surface that peels off, is going to do just that over time or in gameplay! If you want the look, to last. Then would not painting your base and then...
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    Go stainless, they are heavier, which is the...

    Go stainless, they are heavier, which is the whole point of what they are needed for. Don't go cheap either, some people will sell you anything.
  4. Wanted Limited Edition Werner Klocke / FreeBooter items

    I'm after some limited items:

    LIM 002 Freebooter Girl
    LIM 003 Ancient Princess
    ORK 001-L Ork Shamen Vignette (This is the one with the full base, which is much harder to find).
    SPE 005 Tessa...
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