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  1. Best Paint Shaker for Miniature & Model Paints

    Hey guys, do you use a paint shaker tool for stubborn paints?

    I just bought a vortex mixer and love it.

    Here's a summary of the best mixers

  2. Wow, you should have written the article! ...

    Wow, you should have written the article!

    Yeah, this is everything I was trying to say summed up neatly. Unfotunately I need to use Clickbaity titles to even get an article found on the web. But...
  3. The Best Paints For Miniatures & Wargames Models?

    Hey Guys.

    Here's a little post I wrote after a massive poll, over 18k votes and a lot of research into different brands. Took about 30+ hours to Poll, compile and research.

    Would like...
  4. Paint Alpha Legion like the box art easily - no airbrush or colourshift

    Here's an easy way to Paint Alpha Legion close to the box art for anyone who's after doing so
  5. Replies

    The Best Brushes for Painting Miniatures

    Hey everyone, I wrote this after collating over 1000 votes on brushes and I was wondering what everyone here's thoughts are?
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