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    yo.. i have 2 options for my next fight, against...

    yo.. i have 2 options for my next fight, against the mazu's.. first option:

    Greedy Mercenary-team:

    (Captain) Sarah Kale: Hunting down those bleeding calf's. Slowing and blinding those who can...
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    44692 a few are missing

    44692 a few are missing
  3. amne

    if you play at night like i do and u don't have space between playing and sleeping
    i recommend the herb "amne", if you're a smoker... you should prevail over your dreams then
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    A few Questions

    1. If i suffer "Necrotic Wind" (Heroes may only move 1 Zone per Move this turn). Is it still possible to rig from an edge of a ship, without going the extra zone? (Because i can either move 2 zones /...
  5. Why does the card "Fai Lian's Tornado" exist?

    1. I think the mazu's are overpowered, because of their combination of ships, tide-deck and some abilities like "seven wind strike".
    In addition there are 2 "Fai Lian Tornado Cards" (deploy a hero...
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