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  1. Warhammer Fantasy campaign "Call of Darkness" Battle report.

    First game of our narrative campaign
    "Raze and Ruin"
    It was really wonderful game!!!
  2. Warhammer battle report: Dwarfs vs Warriors of Chaos [video HD]

    It was really good and interesting match!
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    Thank you very much!

    Thank you very much!
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    My fully painted army of Blades of Khorne

    My army of Blades of Khorne (My paint job and soundtrack!)
  5. My full painted army of Warriors of Chaos [HD video]
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    My full painted army of Empire [HD video]
  7. My full painted army of Ogre Kingdoms [HD video]

    Present to you attention, my army of Ogre Kingdoms with my own soundtrack! Have a nice view!
  8. Warhammer Fantasy The Empire vs Warriors of Chaos battle report (Siege battle!) Video

    It was a very awesome, hard and unpredictable game! Until the very end you will not understand who became the winner in the final battle and, therefore, the winner in the whole campaign!

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