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  1. and it was pointed out to me that the flaming...

    and it was pointed out to me that the flaming zombie card very clearly states that they take no damage from fire tokens.

    I shall try to actually read the cards before I start asking questions...
  2. Rise of Moloch - Shambling zombies to Flaming zombies: how do they transform and live

    The shambling zombies have the "Immolate" power .

    That rule is [I]mostly clear, but I can't understand how a Flaming zombie would survive it's next activation.

    Here's how I see this playing...
  3. Rise of Moloch - abilities from multiple weapons/gear questions

    I'm looking for some clarification on what happens when a character has multiple weapons equipped.

    During an attack it seems very obvious that the character can only use bonuses and abilities on...
  4. Rise of Moloch - Elizabeth Sparkle questions

    I know that the Elizabeth Sparkle character card (board?) is missing her starting equipment, the Meka Fist.
    However, after looking at the posted errata for the Meka Fist, I am wondering if it is...
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