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  1. Thank you! Good to know :)

    Thank you! Good to know :)
  2. Align infantry base with giant base - space to get charged?

    One of my infantry units got charged by a giant we aligned both bases 100% to each other. I was holding one objective. Then a second unit of his army (infantry unit) charged my unit, because a part...
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    Am I getting you right, that you mean range units...

    Am I getting you right, that you mean range units are able to shift out of melee combat?
    If yes, I am not your opinion:


    Point three says, that you only can shift when you perform a...
  4. Every Player uses his/her own mission card piles?

    Hi everyone,

    a friend of mine and me bought a starter set and everyone has his own secret mission cards etc.
    In the mission "the winds of winter" is nothing noted if you only use one card pile...
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