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  1. H: Kingdom Death, Nocturna, Sodapop, More W: Paypal

    Hi everyone!

    I’m doing some spring cleaning and I have a lot of miniatures that need new homes.

    The number corresponds with the numbers in the pictures I took. Prices do not include shipping,...
  2. Bump- first round of shipping done and minis sold...

    Bump- first round of shipping done and minis sold removed from gallery as well as listing.
  3. For Sale: Malifaux, Warmachine, Reaper, Kingdom Death, Studio McVey and More

    EDIT: UPDATED 8/30/2019

    Hey everyone,

    Round two of selling off my remaining miniatures.

    Prices are negotiable as I need the money as soon as possible. All items do not include shipping...
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    WTB Origen Siren

    I'm looking to pay around $50 shipped for her. This is the mini: I'm open to offers :D thank you!
  5. SALE Studio McVey (Y'sala and Ruby) and Kingdom Death (Pinup Savior)

    Ebay link here:

    Please message me if you have any questions. I will ship internationally.
  6. [SALE] Kingdom Death and Studio McVey Limited Edition Resins

    Hey guys!

    I'm trying to save up for an airbrush, so I'm looking at selling a few LE Resins :)

    Kingdom Death:
    Pinup Savior: $40 OBO

    Studio McVey:
    Y'Sala and the Darkness: $200 OBO
  7. H: OOP Isabelle (Studio McVey) and Miss Pack (Malifaux/Wyrd) W: Paypal

    Hey guys,

    I have an out of print Isabelle, still in her packaging with the certificate. I'm taking offers on her since the last one I saw sold about eight months ago. I also have a Miss Pack still...
  8. Want: Gen Con Kingdom Death Twilight Knight

    I'm hoping someone picked one up and is willing to sell it...

    I have a ton of KD limited editions I'd be willing to trade for it or we could just come to a deal and I can paypal you.

    Thank you!!
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    WTB Nocturna, Princess of Night Mini

    It doesn't have to be the limited edition model, the normal cast is fine....
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    LF: Ar-Fienel Model

    Hey Guys,

    Looking for Ar-Fienel from the Studio McVey line. She was released back in May of 2010 and by the time I was ready to purchase her she was sold out.

    I have various 40k SoB models,...
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