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  1. i found the figure on the right, its from Vampire...

    i found the figure on the right, its from Vampire wars part of the old glory miniatures range
  2. Thankyou, thats the one

    Thankyou, thats the one
  3. Can you help identify these figures please

    Ive had these 2 for a little while and i have completely forgotten what one of these was and its driving me bonkers trying to remember.

    The one on the left didnt have a tag so ive put him on a...
  4. looking for oop warhammer metal empire cannon barrel

    my first post here.
    i,m after an oop metal empire cannon barrel that games workshop made about 10 years ago.
    i would pay by paypal.
    i prefer to trade with people in the uk as it keeps...
  5. anyone bought \"The Ultimate Miniature Painting Guide\"

    has anyone bought the downloadable book from the coolminiornot shop \"The Ultimate Miniature Painting Guide\"?
    i would like it but i cant get to create an account cos of security reasons.
    is it any...
  6. how do you paint lightning strikes?

    i would like to paint a chaos shield with a lightning strike on it.
    gw used to have an article on how to do it but its gone, can anyone describe how to start ,colours to use etc to achieve...
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