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  1. Realistic Snow Effect v2 | Terrifying Tundra Base

    Jay Updates his famous How to Create a Realistic Snow Effect video using a different method! It's terrifying. It's cold and I can't believe it's not snow! New videos every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and...
  2. Chaos Blood Gutter Bases | The Streets Run Khorne Red

    The streets run with blood everywhere! These Chaos themed bases will make your opponents queasy, while you destroy them on the table top! We have new videos coming out Monday, Wednesday and Friday!...
  3. PERFECT for Adeptus Mechanicus | Mars Bases

    In this video we visit the red planet and make some Mars bases!!! Perfect for Adeptus Mechanicus and Martians alike! Thanks for watching! New videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

  4. Base Your MINIS with the BOX! | Sheet Metal Bases

    In this video Jay shows you how to turn simple cardboard into a sheet metal base! You can base your miniatures with the boxes they came in!!! Thanks for watching!

  5. DESOLATE Plains Bases | Scenic View for Your Minis and Dioramas

    In this tutorial Jay teaches you how to create a Scenic Desolate Base! Thanks for watching! Videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!
  6. FREE Plans and STLS! | 5 Pieces of Necron Terrain!

    We have a wild video for you guys today! Something quite different than what we normally do!! We build 5 pieces of Necron Terrain with traditional model making techniques and 3D prints! And you get...
  7. Reuse Your SCRAP Plastic! | Rust World Bases

    Make sure you have your Tetanus shot because this base is SHARP! Jay shows you how to create a rust world base by using scrap plastic! Thanks for Watching!

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    DEADLY Cliff Bases | Rocky Diorama

    Watch out grandma because you're going to need a cane to get up these deadly bases! How to create a deadly cliff base by yours truly, JAY! Thanks for watching!!! More videos next week!

  9. Simple Black Metallic Armour | Deathwatch Veteran Painting Guide

    In this video Jay shows you how he paints his Deathwatch Veterans! Thanks for watching!
  10. Scale Sand Texture Made Easy! | Red Desert Bases

    Jay shows you how to make super simple red desert bases. This technique is a perfect way to create scale sand for your miniatures and dioramas! Thanks for watching!

  11. TOXIC Waste Bases with a Realistic Acid Effect

    Don't melt yourself into these bases! Jay shows you how to make Toxic waste bases for your models and dioramas! Thanks for watching!
  12. Grim Dark Base | HELLish Landscape for your Models

    In this tutorial Jay shows you how to create a Grim Dark Base! These dioramas are perfect for Khorne and other spooky fantasy models! Thanks for watching!

  13. Best Way to Make Scale Banners for Your Miniatures

    There's a lot of different ways to make banners for your minis but this way is fast, cheap and super simple! Thanks for watching!!
  14. SINISTER Swamp Base | CHEAP Diorama for Your Minis!

    In this video we get back to our ROOTS! Jay teaches you how to make a swamp base! This effect can be applied to tabletop wargaming bases or dioramas! Thanks for watching!

  15. Dose of NOSTALGIA! Painting a Retro Chaplain | Black Templar

    We take a blast from the past and paint up a 2nd Edition Chaplain in the scheme of Black Templar. This model was a pleasure to put together and to paint! Thanks for watching!

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    Making a Basing Binder

    Jay teaches you how to make a basing binder for keeping flocking on your bases! With these cheap materials it becomes easy to seal it on! Thanks for watching! New tutorials Monday, Wednesday and...
  17. Necron THOKT DYNASTY Painting and Basing Guide!

    We show you how to quickly paint and base your Necrons with the Thokt Dynasty in mind! These tutorials are great for beginners!

  18. How to Create a Classic Necron Painting and Basing Scheme

    In these videos Jay teaches you how to paint and base in typical Necron fashion! Thanks for watching!!
  19. How to Make Flowing Lava BASES | FAST, CHEAP and EASY!

    In this tutorial we teach you how to make the hottest bases on this side of the Mississippi. With a little touch of Gorilla Glue your bases are going to be on fire! This technique would be perfect...
  20. Ruined Battlefield BASES! | Easy, Breezy and Beautiful!

    We show you how to make Ruined Battlefield bases for your miniatures and dioramas! These bases are made with simple supplies so you can achieve this effect fast and cheap! Who doesn't like a...
  21. MEAN and GREEN | How to Paint an Ork Boy!

    In this Ork painting guide, Jay teaches you how he paints his BOYZ! They are mean, green and from outer space! :cute:
  22. High CONTRAST Paint Scheme | Skeleton Warriors

    Painting with complementary colors is a great way to have your miniatures stand out on the battlefield! We use this effect on the Warlords of Erehwon skeleton warriors kit that we put together last...
  23. Pain in the Pelvis | Tips for Gluing Small Models

    Today we build the Warlords of Erehwon skeleton warriors kit! Small parts, small joints but we have some tips to make the process a little less of a pain in the pelvis. These techniques can be...
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    We got these wood chips at a local hardware...

    We got these wood chips at a local hardware store. The brand is Mosser Lee and the product is forest bark. I believe you might be able to find it online but it looks sold out on Amazon. Thanks for...
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    Easy SCENIC Bases | Rocky Desert

    Drop your models off in a slice of desert! These bases are perfect for bikers and the techniques used in the video can be applied to bases of any size! Make your bases extra scenic!

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