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    Important Feast of Blades Update

    Just a quick reminder to everyone out on the inter-webs.

    Tickets are going quickly, there are still spots available in every event, but that doesn't mean they still will be available later.
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    Feast Update

    Hey everyone, just a friendly reminder that the Feast of Blades Premium swag bag has been put up for sale! They have been selling very fast this year and will very likely sell out like they did last...
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    Feast Of Blades News and up dates

    "Just a reminder everyone, tickets are up for sale to the general public! The tickets are going faster than ever and this is looking to be a amazing year! We have a beautiful new hotel and tons...
  4. Feast Of Blades tickets go up for sale April 15

    Feast Of Blades tickets, for all events, will be going up for sale on April 15th!

    This year expect events from 40K competitive,casual and narrative, Warmachine,infinity and magic the gathering!...
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