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    Default Time to get started

    ok, although we still have to wait a couple of days for Ebay to situate things with the main id, I will be posting the box sets again starting tonight or tomorrow. Depends on how long it takes Tracy to teach me turbolister. :P

    For those looking, they will be under the listing id mageworkspainter. We will also make sure that Tracy can link to them from the WOH web site.

    On another good note, it seems that Ebay\'s policy on MissionFish has changed slightly. They now state that they will donate all fees paid on any auction with a donation level of 90% or higher. This means that we will not need quite as much in fee help as we estimated before. Ebay\'s fees willl be covered by the 10% remaining and we can cover PayPal with what is being raised through box sets and Fee Help donations. These can still get somewhat large. (Let\'s hope so, because that means we got some big bids for some auctions!!)

    Best case scenario........, we have an extra lump sum at the end to donate directly.

    Keep painting and we\'ll start selling those Wood Elves very soon.



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    Default Oops!

    Well, my original intention was to ask everybody how they felt about listing items at a 90% level, since we know that Ebay will still donate all of the fees.

    What do you think?



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    Hi all
    Good news
    Here is the first return of the listings
    Thank you Terry from all of us here is the link

    I think the lack of response means it is all good on the percentage idea glad eBay is coming around and seeing that sellers were being stretched at the 100% to get a match in fees

    BTW WOH got in the issue of Harbinger # 22 (this month)....Thanks Mark very much

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    ok, the link above works, but temporaily the individual links from the WOH site are giving us trouble. They should be fixed soon.



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    I continue to creep along with the waywatchers. Here is the latest WIP on 2 of the 3.

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    The one link system where it says
    \'click here to fo to eBay auctions\'
    is what I am going for in the future. The indivdual links are removed now.

    Wow that is great!

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    Getting back to work on the display base. i was wondering if i should leave the waystones off of the base part for shipping reasons? Maybe velcro them on for pictures, then take them off for shipping? That sound ok? They stick up way above the rest of the base and they\'re just painted foam... no real structure. Ideas?

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    Yes itchy please keep them seperate
    Velcro or magnets is what Kev did in the tree terrain and it works awesome
    Thanks so much for all your work

    Assassin Miniatures are here they are really nifty
    I\'ll take a count of what I have, 12 up for grabs. I\'ll get to it soon.

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    This is great Guys, I am so glad that the auctions are going to continue! Tracy, I am super hopeful that you get reinstated with Ebay, I tell ya, all of you guys are the tops!:flip: I am amazed at the effort you all have put into this. This really deserves the title, works of heart!

    Ok Tree kin status, I actually have some time off this weekend, and most of monday off also! (that was a nice surprise) So, my goal is to get both of my guys painted up and in the mail by tuesday, Wish me luck!

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    Nearly finished the two Wardancers Honest...

    OK nearly finished them the figures are completed I have a bit more work to do on the bases, I post a final WIP soon as I finish my cuppa as I have only just got home :D and Then a completed one before I send them off to Tracy hopefully tomorrow the latest.

    What is the ruliing on posting the completed pics in our own galleries here on CMON is this bad taste or OK???

    Give me an hour or two and the WIP\'s will be up :D

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    It is great to post and get votes no bad form at all in this.

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    I posted my glade guard in my gallery, but after seeing my pictures compared to tracy, mine SUCKS! :(
    So having said that, I am going to ask, Tracy, how do you get such wonderful pictures, please share your secret!

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    Finished but definately not happy with them

    Well here are the finished two prior to wraping and packing. I am still not happy with them and I think the actual figures look slightley better in the flesh than on the photo\'s but I just can\'t seem to get decent shots of them. I will try again tomorrow morning before they go to the post office but after that they have had it they are out of here with no more messing around.

    These little s**** have been nothing but troublle from the start.

    If anybody wants to vote on these then here is the


    Has been cleared yet though so you might need to wait a while.

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    I\'ve chosen the worst time to be hit with painters block. I just can\'t get anything done. Two weeks now and I haven\'t done a thing that is acceptable. Then I come here and look and the great stuff that is being turned out.

    Because my figures are coming along so slow, i think I\'ll have to adopt a couple more elves. I\'m sincerely hoping to get something accomplished before another YAND thread (together with its unhelpful offshoots) starts, but I\'ll keep you posted.

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    Thank you Bevan that is kind hearted and helpful when ever you are able no stress
    Wargriffon after 7 you get the hang of the darn eyes that was the biggest hurdle for me at least. They look great I do not know what you are picking on. I think they look great, frankly.
    Thanks for helping very much

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    Tracy after about seven of these I will probably never want to paint another wood elf again lol

    I have a spare Spellsinger so I will be starting that soon and I\'ll send it over when done for you.

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    Our eBay is up and running weeeeeee

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    Now, I hope we don\'t have to sell any of these for you guys.

    If you need to get out of there, give me a call.

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    OK, not the best pictures, but i\'m back on track with the display base.

    Need to fit up the right waystone a little more, then paint and flock.

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    Default YeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

    Originally posted by TAB Studio
    Our eBay is up and running weeeeeee
    Does this mean we\'ll be getting back to the figure auctions soon ???:duh: I seem to have $$$ burning a hole in my pocket :rolleyes::D;)

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