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    Hi all. I\'m just seeing if anyone would like to meet up and roleplay on a huge mod I\'ve made for Neverwinter nights (online). They are M.E.R.P. Based mods that has taken up way too much of my life and ones that I\'m very proud of. All the material used is from I.C.E. and Tolkien resources. So far I\'ve create ALL of mapped moria (even the under-deeps), Rhuddaur with The Angle and parts of Angmar. All i need to do is link these sections together But each section has way enough areas to play in.

    I use a subrace system that allows you to play any race apart from Woses (merp resources used) And all areas are what i have create based from the maps and i have not used any already existing maps from other servers. I truly do believe that these mods are the most acurate for LoTRs. So if you have any old I.C.E. mods then the chances are you won\'t get lost :)

    Anyone interested in either helping DM or playing.? If theres enough interest I might even start building on them again.

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    I would assume most people aren\'t aware of NN\'s ability to actually run games.....I know I\'ve got a copy of it around here someplace, but I have no idea where it\'s gotten off to.....

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    I think that the Neverwinter game is great online and Ideal for online roleplaying. Shame nobody else does :) Infact i find it hard to understand :o

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    I gave my copy of the game to my brother, after getting endlessly frustrated by wizards refusing to memorize spells, fighters refusing to use ranged weapons, and a rogue that couldn\'t hide in shadows to save his life.

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    If I had a pc that could actually run it, I would love to play in that. Unfortunately I don\'t.

    Work schedule would probably rule it out anyway. :(

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