Anyone looking forward to the new battles?
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Thread: Anyone looking forward to the new battles?

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    Default Anyone looking forward to the new battles?

    Just wondering if anyone else is really interested in trying the new 750 \'Grand Melee\'?

    I know I am, it\'ll be interesting to see the differant tactics and what not with the extra 250 points......

    then again, I might just bring another 10 revenant squad of pirates for that lol

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    You\'ve got my attention. Is this a new PC game, or miniature combat game?

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    It\'s 750pt battles for Warmachine.It rocks.

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    no no, I just mean the new level of combat

    seems like with the introduction of the epic warcasters the typical game will go from 500 to 750 points.....250 extra points to wreak havoc with....I can\'t wait to try one

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    all depends on who you play. i much prefer 750 games to 500. and when they release the Avatar my Harbringer will get some heavy use. 500 battles are good for quick games and i still enjoy playing them.

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    I still haven\'t played a 750 game yet...and I just got to try out Terminus on Saturday. really liked him, can\'t wait to see him in action when I can actually collect some souls....played against my friend\'s Khador, mostly jacks and Vlad.

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    i loved the old 750 point games. severius+tons o \'jacks=major smacketh down :D

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