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    Default Happy 100 REV...

    Good job Reverend, I see you got your 100th post. Congrats! :wow:

    :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow:

    I am only on 85.. 86 now.. 87.. dagnabit! it keeps changing... :mad: lol

    Heres to 100 more buddy! :D

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    Well done REV - It took me months.

    Lurch--- not far to go.


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    Well done old man! Thought I may as well congratulate you as it helps me on my way to 300 posts! Hoorah for pointless posts!


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    Yes, it\'s a nice big number. Congrats.


    Sturm, I\'ll get there before you:P

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    Originally posted by Sturmhalo
    Well done old man! Thought I may as well congratulate you as it helps me on my way to 300 posts! Hoorah for pointless posts!

    I couldn\'t agree more, yeeeeeee!!!

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    Damn, and here I thought I was the only one concerned with his number of posts.lol

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    Default I missed my own birthday party!

    I\'m sorry everyone, I\'ve been working at my gaffer\'s house the last couple of days/weeks and I missed my own party! Thanks everyone, and I promise that now I\'m a MEMBER of the forums I will now act responsibly and with as much decorum as I can muster... :moon:

    Oops! I\'ve got no decorum! Shame...

    I LOVE YOU ALL! (time for the Oscar acceptance speech, tears and clapping).

    His Right Reverend Idiot of Widdle III :innocent:

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    And here goes post number 247.

    Aah... that felt good.

    No reason for it other than my own self gratification (at least I won\'t go blind doing this!)


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    Default pointless posts/congrats

    ummm. yeah. Congrats, Reverend!:) I wouldn\'t be so sure about that, Sturm!

    Cheers all...


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    Default Gaffer

    Working at your gaffer\'s house???

    I thought your gaffer was supposed to work at your house.
    Either he\'s conning you big time or you\'ve got some deal (I paint your house, you trim my hedges) going.
    Maybe you\'re a plumber???

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    No, he\'s a reverend! :D
    Besides, I get a post this way ,too :innocent:

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    Seeing as we\'re on a post-hunt...

    Reverend\'s using the British slang term \"gaffer\" meaning his boss.

    (Translation services happily supplied by JonG, Gor-blimey-guvnor-strike-a-light)

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    Default Well blow me! Stike a light!

    Thanks Jon! We\'re a plucky bunch aren\'t we? Bit of a sing-song, pint of best, watch the rugby, pie and chips, throw up on the stairs, hangovers, fights...Britain is STILL GREAT!

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    Congrats on the 100+ posts, Reverend.

    Since the topic of British slang has come up, could one of you enlighten me on a phrase.

    What does \"and Bob\'s yer uncle\" mean. I have heard it a couple of times, and I assume it means \"you are done\".

    But who is Bob and why is he my uncle?????It sure is a interesting saying.

    Maybe this is not a British phrase, maybe I have just imagined hearing this. I\'m so confused.:(

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    \'Bob\'s your uncle\' means \'there you go\'.

    As in:

    \'Could you please give me directions to the nearest purveyor of fine scale models?\'

    \'Certainly, continue down this road, turn left and Bob\'s yer uncle\'


    \'Excuse me, I appear to have accidentally inserted a scalpel into my eye, could you please direct me to the nearest hospital?\'

    \'Certainly, continue down this road, turn left and Bob\'s yer uncle\'

    Who exactly \'Bob\' is is something of a mystery to me. Likewise why he is ones uncle is also unkown to me. If wishing to be a little \'wacky\' in a kind of side parting, trousers too short, novelty tie kind of way, one could substitute \'uncle\' for \'aunty\' to create an amusing gender confusion.

    As in:

    \'Excuse me, I appear to have sat on my extensive collection of English Civil War pikemen and they have become irremovably attached to my now stinging buttocks, could you please direct me to the nearest hospital or acupuncturist?\'

    \'Certainly, continue down this road, turn left and Bob\'s yer aunty\'

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    Default Slang

    Right me ol\' mucker!

    \"Bob\'s yer uncle\" is your Queens English, if you get my drift. I always knew what this meant but your average Brit (there is no such thing) will often go to great lengths to elaborate the lingo so that you\'re as likely to hear, \"Robert\'s your mothers brother\" as \"Bob\'s your uncle\". For the benefit of non-Brits, England consists of four very distinct countries and numerous regional \'tribes\' who generally rally around the flag of their local \'soccer\' club.
    The overal outcome is that there are many people in Britain who find it hard if, not impossible to understand each other. Isn\'t that fun? :bouncy:

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    Default Mum\'s brother Robert

    Supposedly the term \"Bob\'s your uncle\" is said to be a reference to the nepotistic way in which AJ Balfour was promoted by his uncle (Prime Minister Robert Gascoyne-Cecil) to the post of Chief Secretary for Ireland in 1886.

    At least that\'s what Brewer\'s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable says. Great book by the way - full of loads of obscure reference and great to just browse through.

    Originally posted by finn17
    England consists of four very distinct countries and numerous regional \'tribes\' who generally rally around the flag of their local \'soccer\' club.
    ...with the exception of Manchester United who are generally only supported by people from outside the Northern city of Manchester. This brings up another classic British trait - that of not supporting winners. Man Utd are generally resented by people because they have been the most successfull football club of the past decade.

    Apples \'n pears, pony \'n trap, dog \'n bone!

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    Oh the joys of rhyming slang. What about your \'Aris\' (maybe \'Harris\')?

    Aristotle = Bottle

    Bottle & Glass = Arse

    Therefore Aris = Arse!

    No wonder folks outside the UK haven\'t a bloody clue what we\'re on about half the time!

    We all like an under dog over here. Losers are considered heroic (unless they\'re Derby County in which case they\'re considered shite at the moment!), whilst winners are considered to be big headed ego maniacs who trample on all that\'s meek and honest just to sell their overpriced merchandise!

    No wonder we\'re all repressed and suffer from the English disease (well, I don\'t but most people in government do!).


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    Default Another Question

    Just curious on another slang term...what does \"MORE TEA, VICAR?\" mean? I\'ve heard of it before...

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    Default Bob\'s your Uncle???

    Someone mentioned Bob being your aunty. I actually have an aunt named Bob. Technically her name is Bobbie, a rather common name for a girl in the South, but we have always known her as Aunt Bob. I\'m sure she and my parents got several laughs out of this when we were younger. Now we hardly even think about it.
    It does get somewhat confusing in conversations concerning her and my Uncle Bob, whose real name is Robert Jones. Yes he is a baptist.


    -happy 100th rev. I don\'t know you, but congrats, and many happy returns.

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