Suggestions and help required with my first mini WIP
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Thread: Suggestions and help required with my first mini WIP

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    Default Suggestions and help required with my first mini WIP

    Hi all,

    I\'m currently working on my first two minis and I wanted to get some feedback and suggestions on one of them. Below is a mini I\'m working on as a gift for my father who is obsessed with Mages and Wizards.

    What I wanted to ask is peoples opinion of my blending of the cloak, is there anything I could do to improve it, it there any glaring errors.

    Also, I\'m not sure about the colour I\'ve used for the tunic he\'s wearing - does it work? And I\'m having a bit of trouble thinking of the colour to use for the trim of his cloak. I was thinking of going for NMM gold (I know I\'m diving in the deep end first time out - but that\'s the best way I learn), but does anyone think that another colour would work better ?

    Any opinions would really be appreciated.


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    The cloak is very nice and smooth! The only suggestion I can give you right now is to add some more highlights to the cloak at the top of his arms. By doing that you will create more balance.

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    That looks really great. I\'m jealous that you are blending so well with your first mini. Very nice.

    I agree with aj that the top of the cloak should be highlighted a little more. You might want to use a couple layers of a darker wash in the folds of the cloak too. Looks like the deepest part of some of the folds are a little lighter than the sides of the folds, if you know what I mean. If you can get high contrast shadows and highlights, the mini will really pop.

    I\'m not so sure about gold for the trim, just because the tunic is already a gold color. Maybe something neutral like black for the main parts, and then gold for the details? It\'s really up to you, though, maybe all gold would look great. :D

    This is a cool model, huh? I painted it a few years ago too, it was also one of the first ones I painted. Can\'t wait to see yours when he is done!

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    Thinking about it last night, I was thinking that the gold would be too much..... I thought maybe a white trim with gold details would be a bit more subtle.

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    I think the gold would look good if you broke it up a bit. Also if your talking about jumping in the deep end then some free hand on his robe (the inner dress thingy) would also help break up the large area there. It doesnt have to be much just a line near the hem would do. Sweet paint job for your first you will be good at this if you keep it up.

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