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    I was wondering, Would you rather view small photos of a mini from front, left, right and back?, Or you would prefer one reasonably big shot, from the best angle possible?.

    I post this because there are various posters that submit composite photos of their work, but sometimes I think that is not necessarily a good thing, as the image quality tends to degrade, thus, affecting their score.???

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    I prefer multiple shots....

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    I usually take just the front and the back pics

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    If you want to post multiple pictures, the best thing to do is to stack them vertically. There is a width limitation ... so, if you place pictures side by side, you are potentially setting yourself up to have pictures squished. I believe the width of the screen in CMON is 600 pixels; if your picture is wider than that it will be shrunk.

    I always pre-shrink my stuff to these widths to make sure that I like what I see before I submit it, and stacking pics vertically in a collage is the best way to get the most pixels of viewable picture of your mini.


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