Please check out my \"High\" Elves.
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Thread: Please check out my \"High\" Elves.

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    Default Please check out my \"High\" Elves.

    I\'ve heard rumors of a 2- or 3- color rule. I say Fa to that! Looking at my color wheel, unable to pick a color, I went with all 6!
    Now I have finally come up with an original uniform for a high elf army!
    Please check it out at

    Thanks to all of those who helped me out on how to do tie-dye and varying the armor plates etc. I hope you all enjoy, and maybe this Summer I\'ll actually get the rest of the 2000 point army finished and photographed.

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    more rainbow alliance than last alliance :)

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    Default Nice Job!

    :flip: How nice to see something other than lockstep, by the \" \'eavy Metal Bible\" High Elves. Major Koodoes for creativity!

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    I only need a few more votes to reach that all important 50th vote. Please help ;):bouncy:

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    I left a comment and also voted! Very original idea there! We can always count on you for something out of the usual! I\'m looking forward to the rest of the army.

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